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Actor. Director. Teacher.

About Me

What's up? How's it going? Thanks for stopping by. I'm thrilled about your visit. Here I now you may be able to tell that I am stalling. Bios are weird...necessary but weird. I'm a New York City-based actor and teacher. Now that you know that, let's get a little creative. Here are the ABC's of me!


A: Too easy. I'm married to the dancer and yogi Ashley Ann Jones. Bonus "A"...Ain't Misbehavin' is my favorite musical.

B: I'm black. Obvious? No problem. B is also for Brooklyn! I live in and love Brooklyn. Andddd I went to Brooklyn College for my MFA in Acting.

C: Climmie is my baby! My daughter is cool and hilarious and fun and energetic and BEAUTIFUL!  

D: Dance everyday man. Do it. It'll make you happier. Trust me.

E: EMC, almost Equity.

F: Friends and family all day/err day.

G: Duh. Game of Thrones. nuff said.

H: "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" is my favorite Christmas song.

I: Ice cream is my weakness...

J: Jazz! I'm talking Monk, Miles, Bird, Sarah Vaughan, Ella...way too many to name.

K: Kindness is key.

L: Love before hate.

M: Money can't buy WHO happiness? ...try me...

N: New works excite me!   

O: Oat milk is revolutionary.

P: Phoebe the pug is my little buddy. She's the bestest (that's right, I said it and spelled it) dog I've ever had!

Q: Quest. I try to seek out the adventure in everything. It makes the boring stuff worthwhile

R: Rap. I wrote a strangely cool autobiographical rap for a voice class once. I'm a singer, not a rapper, so it was interesting. 

S: Saint Louis in the house! I was born and raised in Saint Louis and I went to undergrad in Springfield at Missouri State University.

T: Theater is everything and then some. Also, TEACHING. I love to teach acting.

U: Understanding is something I strive to do. Or at least, I'm getting better with it as I get older.   

V: Vanya was the most challenging role I've played to date.

W: Wilson. August Wilson is where it's at.

X: Xenophobia (and any other kind of bigotry) is something I detest. Treating people with love and respect is my deal. 

Y: Yes. I'm looking for more yeses in my life. It's time to live man.

Z: With a first name like Geovonday, who would have guessed that my middle name is ZACHARY? 








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"How the world works"

Reel coming soon! In the meantime, take another look at my interview!